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Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits: Why Applicants Need a Lawyer


People who have a disability and cannot work or earn enough income may be entitled to Social Security disability benefits as long as they satisfy other criteria like having enough SSA credits and having limited income. 

As it is the government that issues these benefits, applicants may think they can go through the process without the assistance of a Rogers social security disability attorney.  However, disability claims can be denied because of errors claimants make during the application process. If an applicant works with a lawyer, they have a greater chance of being approved. Here are the benefits of hiring a disability attorney:

Understand What Benefits to Apply For

Disabled individuals who provide for themselves may qualify for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. Before they apply, they have to be familiar with the benefit programs the SSA maintains. A lawyer can explain these programs to the, and what each program requires. Also, the attorney can advise the client on the program they are eligible for and what steps to take to start the application. 

Prepare the Initial Benefit Claim

When filing for Social Security benefits, an application must offer personal information, details about their loved ones who may be eligible for benefits on their record, and information regarding their disability. The SSA may require documents such as proof of citizenship, a doctor’s statement, as well as income and tax documents. There will be more documents the SSA will request and things can easily become overwhelming. Plus, missing out on some vital requirements can result in the denial of the claim. If an applicant works with a lawyer, their application will satisfy the requirements of the SSA.  And if the SSA requires additional information, the attorney can offer it promptly. Having an expert taking care of this can minimize the burden and stress the application may have to go through. 

Handle the Appeal Process

If the SSA has completed a review of a claim, it will give the applicant notice. If the agency denies the claim, it should cite why it made such a decision. From here, the applicant has sixty days to appeal the decision. 

Appealing a disability claim denial can be complex and a lawyer can smoothen the process for the applicant. Through the attorney, the applicant can understand the reason their claim was denied, make sure their file an appeal on time, and provide the SSA with all information it needs.