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DIY Winter Card Making – Simple Ideas


Winter is a wonderful time of year and a time when many of us like to show our loved ones we care through small acts of kindness. What better way to show someone you care than with a handmade gift card? Here’s how to make a stunning winter-themed gift card to treat a special someone this holiday season!

It’s officially time to break out your winter cards this season! Everyone loves to connect with friends and family during the holidays and what better way to do that than to get creative with a festive winter card? Whether you make handmade cards, buy specialty cards, or print out a unique design from your computer, the options are truly limitless.

Start by selecting some thick white cardstock. Print out any winter-inspired graphics and decorations onto the cardstock. This might include snowflakes, trees, stars, or any other personal touches. You can even make the card more special by using festive holiday colours, such as red cardstock and gold cardstock.

When it comes to making or selecting winter cards, your imagination is the only limit. Get creative by using bright colours and fun patterns to create a card that’s sure to please. Consider adding ribbons, sequins, and other embellishments to make your card pop. For additional personalization, add a handwritten or even a hand-drawn message. Photo cards are another great way to share a personalized message with a friend—simply upload a photo, add a special message, and you’re done.

Next, decide what you’d like to write on the gift card. You might include a sweet message such as, “May you have the merriest of winters” or “Wishing you warmth and joy during this special time.” You could also include a meaningful poem or quote.

The warmth of winter cards is an instant pick-me-up during the colder months of the year. The best part is that they can be sent at any time – whether it’s to spread holiday cheer, thank someone for a special gift, or simply just to show that you care. The possibilities with winter cards are endless and the act of sending (or receiving) one can make all the difference. So get creative and start sending good holiday vibes to your friends and loved ones this winter!

After you’ve written the text, you can use a hole puncher to punch two holes on the top of the card, next to the printed graphic. Then, use a stack of colourful paperclips to thread one piece of twine through the two holes and tie them at the top. This will give the card a unique look and finish.

Finally, add a unique holiday message on the back of the card, such as “Happy Holidays from [your name]”.

Your 12×12 cardstock winter gift card is now ready to be given! Surprise a special someone with a wonderful winter-inspired handmade card this season, and bring some joy to their holiday celebrations.