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Know About Engineered Oak Timber Flooring


The engineered oak timber material consists of real oak timber combined with plywood or any other composite core board. The basic raw materials are generally sourced from various plantations that are redone in European countries and America.

Generally, a real oak wood flooring surface layer is coated with several layers of a certain water-sealing lacquer to offer more resistance against moisture. Further, they are fused with a core board base so that a dimensionally stable floor can be made that can last for decades.   

The phrase “engineered” does not imply that the wood is made of synthetic materials. Laminate flooring, which is comprised of rubber, plastic, or other synthetic materials, can be made to seem like wood flooring. Engineered wood flooring is made of several types of wood, however, the board itself is made of actual wood.

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The following are the benefits of this kind of flooring:

  • This type of oak wood flooring is famous for its beauty and elegance, that is coming in many different colours to suit the interior design of your home.
  • Engineered plywood core can offer you greater dimensional stability, which is more resistant to any kind of swelling due to moisture.
  • This type of oak wood flooring can be installed in an apartment because strata policies will not allow any noisy installation.
  • They will be cheaper than any solid timber and also cheaper to install.
  • Timber production consumes fewer resources than other commodities. Engineered timber boards are made from only one solid wood layer, which means that a single tree may generate more engineered timber floorboards than solid planks.
  • Engineered wood is known for its long life, making it a far more cost-effective investment as compared to solid wood.

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There are a few cons of engineered oak timber flooring

  • Susceptible to scratch
  • Not waterproof however offers more moisture resistance as compared to solid wood floors.

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How much will oak flooring cost?

This engineered oak timber flooring is considered a premium option and it is a combination of real timber with engineering done on them. 

The installation cost of this type of flooring will vary based on what method has been applied. A common method of installation is a floating floor because that is the cheapest option. However, depending upon the condition of the floor often may have to go for the nailing or gluing option.

If you go for floating installation then it will cost you about $30 to $40 per square meter. However, if you go for direct stick installation then it may cost you $40 to $50 per square meter.

The engineering flooring cast will basically depend upon the veneer thickness as well as the quality of the species of the timber. There will be many numbers of installers available in the directory of Flooring Domain and you can compare their rates.