5 Suggested Low Calorie and Carbs Beers You Can Drink on Diet



    Beers are usually known to be high in carbs and calories. Hence, making it hard for health-conscious people to consume beer. Some of us can go without beer, yet many other people can’t live without it. The foamy and flavorful beer can cause you trouble on your way to meet your weight goal. We all know that alcoholic drinks tend to be high in calories. On its own, alcohol contains seven calories per gram. That shows how alcohol can affect your weight loss diet. But just because you are dieting doesn’t mean you cannot have a little fun. Yes, you can find and enjoy many low-calorie and low-carb beers placed inside the beer fridge UK. Make sure that you read the number of calories and carbs on every bottle. But not every piece of information is correct. Sometimes, companies write down false nutritional information to scam the customers. Therefore, everyone must research low-carb beers before buying. Below we have mentioned the best low-calorie and low-carb beers you can drink.

    1. Corona Premier

    The drink we have at number 1 is none other than corona premier. We all know that corona is very popular for its low-calorie beers. They produce many light beers like corona light. Almost twelve ounces of this drink contains 2.6 grams of carbohydrates and around 92 calories. The ABV of this beer is 4%. This drink has a light and crispy taste. The best food pairings for corona are seafood, salsa, Thai food, and hot wings. Corona Premier is the best option for beach parties and summer events.

    • Budweiser Select 55

    When we mention the lowest beer in calories, the only thing that crosses our mind is Budweiser Select 55. The drink has the aroma of malt and subtle hops. The beer looks appealing, but everything has its pros and cons. Being lowest in calories, it is also lowest in alcohol content. That means it has less alcohol flavor. If you are a fan of strong beers, this one isn’t for you. But you should opt for it if you can compromise your desires for your health. Pair food salads, squash, apple juice, kebabs, and Brussel sprouts with this beer for the best experience.

    1. Dogfish Head Slightly Mighty IPA

    If you love unique flavored drinks, then you should never overlook this beer. If you are a picky eater, you should give it a try. 12 ounces of this beer contains 95 calories and 3.6 grams. The ABV level is 4%. It has the perfect balance of sweet and bitter taste. It can also help you reach your weight goal and give you the enjoyment of drinking beer. Grilled chicken, salmon, salad, mango salsa, and tacos taste the best with it.

    1. Miller Lite

    No one can forget the OG light beer when mentioning low-carb beers. Miller Lite is the first light beer that started the trend of low-calorie beers. The beer has won many awards, like Gold Award. Fried food and miller lite are the best food combo.

    1. Heineken Light

    The 99-calories drink is one of the best light beers. It has a smooth bitter taste that everyone loves. The beer has a mild alcoholic taste, and it is best for college parties. Pair this beer with lemon chicken, salad, pizza, sandwich, steak, seafood, pasta, and other spicy food.