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6 Superheroes With Wolverine’s Best Relationship


Wolverine (birth name: James Howlett) is an imaginary character showing up in American comic books released by Marvel Comics, mostly in association with the X-Men. He is a mutant who has animal-keen detects, improved physical abilities, a powerful regenerative capacity called a recovery element, and also 3 retractable claws in each hand. Wolverine initially donned his iconic long-eared mask with his costume switching colors between brown-and-tan and yellow-and-blue. You can find more information about his costume in Cosplaylab Cosplay Costumes. Wolverine has joined many Marvel teams and most mainstream superheroes have friendship with Wolverine. Here are eight superheroes who are personally close to Wolverine.

  1. X-23

X-23 female Wolverine is the use of Wolverine’s DNC clone out. Laura escaped from the “Weapon X Laboratory” as a teenager and found Wolverine. To X-23, Wolverine was like a father to her. After Wolverine’s death, X-23 put on the Wolverine uniform and inherited her father’s mantle.

  1. Kurt Wagner

Kurt Wagner is the child of the mutant terrorist Mystique and the demonic-looking mutant Azazel, being abandoned by his mother right after his birth in the Bavarian Alps. He has the ability to teleport through space. Because with blue skin, pointed ears, fangs and a long pointed tail, he is often seen by humans as the devil. Nightcrawler also joined the X-Men at the same time as Wolverine, when many people treated Logan as a beast, Nightcrawler understood the feeling of being treated as a beast by others, he always expressed his goodwill to Wolverine.

  1. Colossus

Colossus and Wolverine have a lot in common: the two men’s power comes from metal, the two men’s homeland Russia and Canada are very cold, the two men joined the X-Men almost at the same time . In private Colossus is a shy literary big boy, his best friends are Shadowcat and Wolverine.

  1. Shadowcat

Shadowcat’s original name was Katherine Anne. After awakening her superpowers at the age of 13, Shadowcat has been staying at the X-Men Academy as a trainee X-Men. Shadowcat has been in Japan and Wolverine to learn fighting skills and swordplay. Now Shadowcat is one of the leaders of the X-Men.

  1. Rogue

Rogue was a runaway named Anna Marie (her surname is unknown) that fled her home after accidentally putting Cody Robbins in a coma. In the first X-Men movie, Rogue is a girl who can suck the life force and superpowers of other heroes. In the comics, Rogue had drained the power of Captain Marvel and had the ability of Captain Marvel. Rogue is also considered one of Wolverine’s students. Professor X invited Rogue to the X Academy and Wolverine has been her mentor.

  1. Captain America

Captain America’s representative colors are red and blue. In most people’s impressions, he often wears the classic red and blue color Captain America Suit. Wolverine had fought with Captain America during World War II. Since then, the two understand each other, in countless times in the cooperation established a friendship. However, Wolverine and Captain America often disagree, in the comic book “X-Men VS Avengers”, Wolverine and Captain America fell out.