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Major advantages and disadvantages of closed-loop extractors over open-loop extractors


With the increased use of plant-based extracts for medicinal and recreational purposes, closed loop extractor systems are becoming more and more popular in Canada. There are mainly two types of closed-loop extractors. Passive closed loop extractor and active closed-loop extractor. 

The major difference between the two types of closed-loop extractors lies in the recovery rate of solvent from the system. 

The passive system tends to lose more solvent during the recovery process while the active system behaves more efficiently and effectively in recovering the solvent after full extraction of the desired product. 

There are many pros and cons to a closed-loop system. Let’s discuss some of the major points to ponder before buying a closed loop extractor for your personal and industrial needs. 

First, let’s see the pros of a closed-loop system as opposed to an open-loop system.

  • Safety is the first and foremost advantage of a closed loop extractor over an open blast extractor. It is mainly due to lesser chances of explosion.
  • A closed-loop extractor is way more efficient as compared to an open-loop extractor due to the ability to minimize any unnecessary pressure loss during extraction. Companies like LeDAB are pioneers in selling high-quality closed loop extractors at very reasonable prices.
  • Enhanced quality of end product is another major advantage of a closed-loop extractor over an open-loop extractor. Smart balancing of pressure and temperature in the system is capable of delivering better quality products.
  • A closed-loop extractor is more cost-effective than an open-loop system. Since the stray leakage of solvent is minimized to optimum, the unnecessary expenses are fully eliminated.

These are some of the major pros of using a closed loop extractor in your facility. But since every coin has two sides, a closed-loop extractor also has its downsides. Listing below are some of the major disadvantages of closed-loop extractors.

  • A closed-loop extractor is only suitable as an outdoor device. This is due to the highly combustible nature of the solvents used for extraction.
  • The final products usually require additional processing to become consumable or sellable.
  • Even though a closed-loop extractor is cost-effective, the price of getting one is quite high as compared to an open blast extractor. After all, safety is never cheap.
  • Another major disadvantage of a closed-loop extractor is that the solvent if not taken in the right and exact amount can damage the plant tissues. Thus, affecting the quality of the end product.

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