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A Guide To Select The Right PRP Tubes Needed For Your Treatment


Nowadays with the emerging technologies, new techniques and treatments have been introduced in the field of cosmetics. Among these PRP (Plasma Rich Therapy) is getting on the trend. It has the potential to treat wound healing, healing of torn ligaments and skin rejuvenation, etc.

Getting the right tube for the PRP Treatment

When it comes to therapies and treatment that involves our body, it is quite necessary to always use the appropriate accessories. Especially, when you are going for PRP the most important thing is PRP tubes. To get the ideal tubes you can visit Dr. Akhmerov’s Plasmolifting Technologies.Here you’ll get the branded tubes specially made in Italy. Also, the delivery is worldwide and gets dispatched immediately after the receipt payment.

About the tubes Needed for the PRP

The basic principle behind the PRP treatment is to isolate the platelet concentration from the rest of the components for Platelet recovery. However, the procedure varies with the different techniques used for the treatment. And hence the kit and the equipment.

When it comes to the tubes, they are specially designed to store the blood for the rest of the procedure like centrifugation. These tubes may also contain anticoagulant, separating gel, Buffy coat, and sodium citrate solution. To keep the blood sample in its optimum condition. There are two types of tubes used during the procedure. They are:

  • Vacuum sealed blood centrifuge tubes: these are special tight tubes that undergo centrifugation after which the platelets were extracted from the centrifuged sample. Its major advantage is that it prevents any kind of contamination throughout the procedure.

However, it is necessary to check the time gap between the blood withdrawal and the centrifugation. If the time is quite more then there are chances of blood getting coagulate. In such cases, an anticoagulant is necessary for the tube.

  • Blood collection tubes: these tubes are needed whenever the procedure includes extra addition of any substance to the blood for example sodium citrate. Mostly used in the practices like plasmin-rich fibrin matrix treatment. As it needs the addition of a fibrin matrix which contains a high risk of getting contamination. Hence, these tubes prevent contamination.

Criteria for the ideal tube

  • Its compatibility with centrifugation: the type of spinning and the rpm of the centrifugation always varies with the minimum requirements of the sample. For example, some centrifugation involves single or double spin. Hence, before starting make sure if the tube is compatible with it or not. So that the sample won’t undergo any damage.
  • If an additional subject is required: check whether anticoagulant or separation gel is required. Usually, the ideal performance of the techniques shouldn’t need these.
  • Experience: the outcome also depends on how much the PRP provider is experienced and skilled. It is necessary to meet all the necessary conditions for a perfect outcome.

Why are tubes necessary for PRP?

  • This prevents the sample from getting contaminated.
  • For the ideal separation of the components based on their density.
  • It’s easier with a tube to extract the platelet.


For a safe and ideal result of the treatment, it is necessary to have the right accessories for the procedure.