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Best Christmas Ribbon Decorating Ideas in 2022


Need a tree topper, but want something unconventional? To decorate your Christmas tree, we recommend our current favorite accessory from wholesale websites: decorative christmas ribbon. These ornaments are the cherry on top of an already perfect Christmas tree. A Christmas tree is like a neatly wrapped present: you wouldn’t place it under the tree without a bow. There’s no Christmas aesthetic that these 18 decorative christmas ribbon options available at wholesale websites for the Christmas tree won’t complement.

The choice of ribbon used in tree decoration should be made before any other decisions are made. A broad tartan ribbon would look great on a tree with a traditional Christmas feel. If you like a more natural look, rustic ribbon like jute or burlap is a great option. Those who want their Christmas sparkle to be more subtle might go for a ribbon made of matte cotton rather than satin. To put everything in place as you experiment with the appearance, you’ll need to get your sharpest ribbon-cutting scissors and some Christmas light clips.

 Wrapped with Ribbons

It is best to begin at the very top of your tree by clipping the end of your ribbon to the tip of a limb. Please make your way down the tree by carefully winding around it and ducking beneath branches. Cutting off the ribbon at the rear of the tree is the only option if you run out as you go, after which you can start again. The wire-edged ribbon is an excellent choice for an even more formal appearance.

Ribbons are arranged vertically

The first step is to cut six to eight lengths of ribbon, each about a foot longer than the height of your tree. (You can always make the ribbon fuller by cutting different sections.) Clip the beginning of each ribbon to the branch at the very top of the tree. Hide all the clips with a big tree topper, which we highly suggest you acquire. Allow each strand to trickle down the tree, and then fold it back into place.

Crowning the Tree with a Ribbon

How to tie a ribbon tree topper is similar to how to tie a conventional bow. Use a wire-edged ribbon to ensure your bow holds its form throughout the season for the best results. The first step is to prepare a ribbon by cutting a length that will leave you with at least 6 inches long tails. A simple two-loop bow or a more elaborate arrangement of loops may be used to secure it to the top of the tree.


Using floral wire, you may link colorful collections (try pennants, scouting badges, or antique trip tags) or ribbons from prizes to make a delightful, first-rate garland. Pick a broad tree so the bouquet has room to drape, and make sure the stripes harmonize with the rest of your holiday decorations.