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Here are Some Roof Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid


If you want to increase the durability and performance of your roof, then you should regularly clean it. This will prevent common issues from occurring. Carefully choose the professional services who would do it for you. Any improper practice is going to do more harm than good to the roof. 

Here are some mistakes that you can avoid while you clean the roof.

Using a non-customised power washer

A cleaning expert best knows which equipment needs to be used while cleaning the roof. The roof will get harmed if an over-the-counter washer is used. The roof cleaning washers come with low-pressure units and should contain a lot of water. So before hiring any services, understand the washer they will be using for your roof clean-up.

Not using the right washing solution

The complaints about the presence of roof stains even after cleaning are very common. It usually happens when professionals use inappropriate washing solutions. As a result, rust forms and moss grows out on the surface. To remove fungi from the roof, a mild acid is enough. Also, you should know the types of acids the company will be using on your roof.

Only using a single cleaning technique

Your entire roof cannot be cleaned with just a single cleaning method. Certain roof areas require a different approach. Some places need hand-brushing while others require pressure washing. If the company you are hiring only uses one method, they are not the professionals you need. Look for a company that uses multiple techniques to get you the desired results.

Cleaning very harshly

The roof is an area that is extremely sensitive for your house. You cannot be harsh on it, both with the techniques as well as with the cleaning solutions. Aggressive cleaning is going to damage your roof beyond control. The professionals you are hiring must be using the right cleaning methods and techniques to get the desired results and to maintain the health of your roof. They must combine their gentle efforts with firm pressure.

Accessing shortcuts

If you want to avail of shortcuts, it will leave your roof damaged. You cannot opt for quick treatments to clean the roof. The roofing system must be deeply and properly cleaned in and out.

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