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Importance of a Health Insurance Plan in India


Importance of having an health insurance plan isn’t understood in our younger years but more when we have to deal with any health ailments. With Medical expenses soaring high each day in India having a health insurance Plan is a must to be financially adept during any medical emergency. Explained below is the importance of having a health insurance plan in India.

Before going in-depth about the important of having a health insurance plan let’s have a quick look at why one should have a health insurance plan.

Depending upon the insurance cover that you have purchased you can avail quality healthcare services at any time. These services are available from any of the network hospitals that are listed with your insurance company without having to search for one. Not having a health insurance plan beforehand can drain all your savings when any medical emergency arises. So having a health insurance plan keeps you ready to deal with any heal emergency. Now that you know why you should have a health insurance plan, let’s check out its importance.

Importance of Health Insurance Plan:

Financial Security:  Having a financially secured life is what everyone aims for. Saving and getting insured go in tandem to assure financial stability. In the absence of medical insurance you may have to drain all your savings during any emergency and this becomes a burden for the family if an emergency occurs to the primary bread earner. Thus a health insurance plan helps you manage your savings in a better manner. You have an added advantage of tax exemption on tthe premium paid owards your health plan under Section 80D.

Early Disease Incidence: A lot of factors have contributed to the early disease incidence in recent times. Factors such as lifestyle disorders and neglecting small signs of health problems can lead to major health ailments in the future. Health insurance plans allow you to have time-to-time free checkups, thus safeguarding you from developing any serious disease. 

Rise in Medical Costs: 

Healthcare expenses are expensive and are rising each day due to increase in inflation. To safeguard the family amongst the increasing healthcare expenses and to financially secure the family one must have a health insurance plan. 

Availing the Best Treatments: 

Health insurance plan assures you the best treatment which would have been compromised in case of lack of funds. Also the network hospitals allow cashless facilities where the hospital bills are directly settled by the insurance company. Therefore keeping all the stress away one can completely focus on recovery.

Other benefits:

Health plans also provide coverage for critical illness in case you choose such a plan. The critical health plans offer financial support for therapies, follow-up medical tests, illness monitoring devices, ergonomic furniture in case if the person is diagnosed by any critical illness.


Health insurance helps in getting prompt medical services. The plans can also be customised basis your family and your needs. So stop waiting and get an health insurance plan immediately to avail the benefits.