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Presumptive disability – What is this?


Presumptive disability is a government provision under the Social Security Administration’s disability program that allows individuals with disabilities to receive financial assistance from the government more easily. There is a list of medical conditions listed under Presumptive disability which is automatically considered as a disability and individuals suffering from it are eligible for monetary assistance.  The list of medical conditions prevents people from going through a disability determination process and offers immediate help to the disabled. Let us know more about presumptive disability:

what is a presumptive disability

Presumptive disability is a provision which allows certain individuals with special medical conditions to skip the standard disability determination process and get immediate financial help from the government. Unlike Social Security disability benefits, it allows individuals to get the documents verified and automatically receive financial assistance.

Eligibility criteria for presumptive disability

There are no primary eligibility criteria for a presumptive disability as it is a provision created for individuals who need immediate help. The right documentation to prove the medical condition and show the work history is sufficient for qualifying for the program.

Benefits of presumptive disability

The primary benefit that the presumptive disability provision offers is quicker financial assistance when compared to other provisions under the Social Security disability benefits. One of the other benefits that presumptive disability offers are skipping the lengthy and complex standard disability determination process.

What is the application process for presumptive disability?

The application process begins with presenting the medical documentation that shows that you are suffering from the disability mentioned in the presumptive disability list. Apart from your medical documentation, you would be required to provide information regarding your work history to show the earned credits. 

Presumptive disability was specially designed for individuals who suffer from health conditions that are likely, not recoverable. It allows for faster financial assistance. However, it is only possible if you present the right documentation to the authority. If you are suffering from medical conditions like cancer, HIV/AIDS, or ALS, you can put an end to your financial burden easily by applying to the presumptive disability provisions. Although, these financial benefits do not reduce your emotional trauma but can help in taking care of your dire financial needs. To conclude, presumptive disability is a financial gem for people who are suffering from medical conditions that prevent them from taking care of their financial needs.