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Revive the Sexual Desire in Your Relationship – 3 Good Pieces of Advice


Many couples experience that the sexual desire between them disappears or that the woman turns off the warm water. Many do not understand the dynamics behind this sexual shutdown and must endure the pain of the intimate life—and often the relationship—gradually withering away.

In our couples’ sessions, parterapi, we assist couples in returning to a lush and progressive sex life.

We help couples understand the causes within and between them that often contribute to sexual degradation in the relationship rather than sexual blossoming—a pain that remains inexplicable for many couples.

Your Special Space:

Create a space that is unique to the two of you and not in the double bed. In the bedroom, we are set to sleep, whereas in the special room, we adjust our body and mind to time together where peace, presence, loving touch, and (perhaps in the future) fusion are in focus.

Touch Without Sex and Purpose: Ensure that physical touch does not always revolve around sex and does not lead to a specific goal. This could be, for example, giving each other a massage and touch.

Be Transparent with Each Other: Sit in front of each other a few times a week and allow each of you, in turn, to share the feelings that occupy you. When there is nothing more to say, look into each other’s eyes for a while.

The time after the summer vacation is a challenging period for many couples.

We often think of the summer vacation as a happy time where we finally have time to be together and enjoy each other.

We have been looking forward to this time together for the past year, saving up and planning the experiences we want to have together.

However, for many, the summer vacation ends with conflicts, hurt feelings, disappointments, and for many—breakup.

In fact, the summer vacation (along with Christmas) is the period when most couples part ways.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Often, we have simply forgotten each other along the way in the daily grind of work, leisure activities, household chores, children, and other duties.

We forgot to prioritize each other and may no longer know how to prioritize each other. We don’t know where the time should come from, and maybe we don’t know how to rebuild the love and spark between us?

Many give up here because it’s such a painful place to be, and everything seems so overwhelming and perhaps incomprehensible.

Typically, this is also where one’s own unresolved personal wounds and traumas appear most clearly. And how can one in such a situation take care of and make room for one’s partner’s feelings and reactions?