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Safety Tips to Follow While Using a Pallet Inverter


Pallet inverters prove useful, effective, and advantageous to the bottom line precisely because of the billions, if not trillions, of movements your workers will make every day to transport and process the products of the business. They produce effectiveness and security.

Pallet inverters let workers easily operate pallets of boxes, cartons, drums, and other containers. They handle and realign product loads of all many different sizes and weights.

At Top Industries Inc. you can make as many changes as you like in a certain pallet inverter to make your operation as safer as possible.

Pallet inverter – What is it?

This equipment has special pallet-gripping technology and it can safely transfer or invert your pallets with or without products on them.

In comparison to other kinds of heavy lifting machines, these equipments are much easier to integrate and operate better with a variety of warehousing tools and production lines.

The majority of inverters can be operated manually as standalone devices or as part of a larger automation sequence. Their main applications include:

  • Changing out your damaged pallets
  • Accessing and removing all the damaged items that are located at the bottom of your full load
  • Repositioning fully loaded pallets within your warehouse
  • Moving or manipulating any heavy, bulky items or any stacks of product

The first of several recommendations for excellent safety around pallet inverters are to be aware of the risks involved with equipment use. Here are a few safety recommendations for your pallet inverters.

Know the machine

All your operators should be familiar with how the machinery operates and moves, including floor guards, other elements that fit flush, pressure-applying clamps, and all moving parts.

Train many, versus only few

Training everybody on how to make use of your pallet inverter and also about its possible risks may seem like an ambitious endeavour, but the more you can acquaint your personnel with the machinery, the less probable it is that an accident will occur due to inexperience or ignorance.

Define the area


Mark off and draw attention towards the clear zone while using pallet inverter by

  • Reflective markings
  • Safety tape
  • Cones
  • Any other attention-getters.

Where the clear-and-safe zone is, it should be obvious to all operators and other staff members.

Maintain the equipment

Although pallet inverters require some amount of care, they do need to be inspected, cleaned, and serviced on a regular basis, just like any other machine with moving components. The inspections can help equipment in producing at its best while maintaining safety.

Read and relay the stories

Various accident records are kept on file by the Department of Labour, including one involving a worker who sat on an inverter with the operation switch in manual mode and shattered his leg and two ribs in the process.

When a worker further down the line activated a conveyor, which sent the sitting employee in motion, the worker was trapped and crushed against a hoist.

Many new changes are incorporated by Top Industries, Inc. in the pallet inverters designed by the company, and to keep you updated with latest information, you may visit official YouTube videos from time to time.