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Surveys for employees – why are they needed and how to conduct them

Surveys for employees

Staff turnover is a serious problem for any company. Finding out why employees leave will help develop an effective employee retention policy and prevent many layoffs. Here you will find more about online surveys for measuring employee satisfaction and a guide on how to make a survey.

The peculiarities of the employee survey

Personnel is the driving force of the company. The position of the enterprise in a competitive market depends on its involvement in work processes, the quality of work, and its results. Establishing constant contact with employees is necessary to understand what kind of situation prevails in the team. Feedback will help you determine if they are satisfied with working conditions and salary if there is mutual understanding with colleagues, and what needs improvement. In order to obtain necessary information from the staff, the management conducts surveys. They help to look at the situation from a different angle to form a corporate culture. Today, an online survey is the most popular method for quick investigation.

Why is it better to use a survey maker?

An online survey maker is a multifunctional tool for researching employee satisfaction, loyalty, and engagement and assessing the microclimate in the team. With its help, it is easy to create a survey, send it to employees, and collect answers for analysis.

The main advantages of such an automated platform include:

  • support for all methods of assessing the loyalty, satisfaction, and business qualities of employees;
  • ease and simplicity of creating questionnaires of any size and complexity;
  • the possibility of organizing regular monitoring of the microclimate in the team.

Regular employee surveys with the help of Foquz allow you to identify problem areas and their causes timely and take measures to correct the situation. Personnel surveys increase employees’ involvement in the company’s life and allow employees to share ideas and suggestions.