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Things to Know About the Use and Restrictions on Hazardous Substances


Industries are a hub of production and pollution both at the same time. However, industries have the alternative of materials that are hazardous or difficult to dispose of, yet many Industries still refrain from using the alternative to save cost and production time.

However, the cost-benefit ratio of these hazardous materials clearly shows that environmental impact and toxicity to users is higher. Industry owners use these materials for their benefit and neglect the outcomes of these on the health of users and the environment.

Many yet not all chemicals are hazardous or toxic; however, they must be handled with care when they are being combined and stored. Not only users of products are exposed to these dangerous chemicals, but also the employees of the industry remain in contact with these toxic materials that may lead to sickness and death.

Hazardous chemicals cause the following issues:

  • Cancer
  • Congenital disabilities
  • Skin Issues
  • Eye problems

Why do industries use hazardous materials? Here are a few reasons:

Decrease in Cost

Some chemicals that are hazardous for public and employee health may decrease the overall cost of production because they are less costly than non-toxic alternatives. These chemicals can also be low-cost catalysts that speed up the reactions to complete production within less time.

Workers may not be directly in contact with the hazardous materials; however, their respiratory system can be exposed to gases or vapors and solids in the form of dust.

Decrease in Production Time

Some toxic chemicals have enabled manufacturers to decrease the production time, and therefore they prefer to use them so more quantity of products can be produced within a limited time.

A decrease in production time not only increases the number of products produced but ultimately adds up to the profit earned, and therefore even toxic chemicals are a lucrative thing for the manufacturers.

No Direct Effect

Sometimes hazardous materials are not used in the production; however, they are the resultant of the production process because they are often stored and combined with other chemicals for desired effects.

Some extremely hazardous toxic chemicals can be a by-product of the production process even if none of the contaminated materials are used at first.

No Local Regulations

Industries behave carelessly, and responsibility is especially when there are no local regulations and check on them by local authorities. This sometimes does comply with international standards if they intend to export the things; however, for locally produced and sold items, toxic chemicals are used.

For import and export, consider Enviropass RoHS compliance so that your products don’t get rejected.