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What Is Biotin and How Is It Beneficial?


Every one of us wants longer and stronger hair but in reality, how many of us have got that opportunity? Hair cycles are different for every individual and genetics has a major role to play in determining how your hair would be. Also, factors like hormones, stress levels, and hair care practices are important in getting good hair. As we keep on ageing, we tend to lose the lustre of our hair and nails and we need to depend on beauty supplements to get that back. One such vitamin which can help us in this is biotin. 

Let us know more about how beneficial this can be.

What is it and where is it from?

Biotin is also commonly known as B7. This is a water-soluble vitamin and contributes to an individual’s healthy metabolism, neural health, digestion and cardiovascular health. This vitamin is necessary for metabolizing fats and carbohydrates. They can work in synergy with pantothenic acid to help you strengthen your hair, increase the thickness of the nails, and prevent split ends and hair thinning. It can be easily sourced from foods like liver, brewer’s yeast, egg yolk, avocado, salmon, cheese or bananas.

How is it beneficial?

  • Vitamin B helps to create the amino acids in the body and this, in turn, produces a specific type of keratin. You can take it in small amounts and it will maintain the health of your hair and its strength. It might not be able to supplement your hair growth but it can help you rectify your existing vitamin deficiency.
  • Biotin produces a type of fatty acid that helps to nourish the skin and help you maintain a clear complexion. Dehydrated skin comes out when the outer protective layer of skin is unbalanced. Biotin helps in producing new cells and induces the oil glands to function in the right way.
  • Biotin is the answer for stronger nails. With clinical studies, it has been proven that biotin is essential to maintain the health of your nails. With biotin intake, there is a 25% chance of an increase in nail plate thickness and reduction of brittle nails. This will also help the individuals who are chronic nail-eaters.

Biotin is an essential supplement that helps multiple aspects of your body, all at once. Try the best Biotin products from the Biogenique online store and feel the difference in your skin, nails and most importantly, hair.