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Content Planner Turns Your Marketing Blog from Leisure to a Professional Grade


The content planner is incorporated with features that help you track your content and what is trending. You know it is time to publish a new blog but has no clue about the topic. You are trapped in a blogger’s block. You can visit others’ websites and blogs to see what is trending or review an older post to grasp an idea. All these endeavors are to find an interesting topic to write about. All these efforts are exhaustive and time-consuming, particularly if you have to seek a topic for the upcoming blog. Eventually, it becomes an errand, not a passion.

A challenge

The biggest hurdle for a blogger is planning and creating stellar content to keep the audience engaged. Most bloggers lack consistency, no editorial process and generation of an appealing topic. As a blogger, you have many roles to play, graphic designer, editor, marketer and other aspects to handle single handily. Moreover, if you are full time employed and the sole earner of the family, it is hard to find space for blogs far stretched planning. The whole process becomes a challenge.

Plan, coordinate and procedure

Behind a successful blog, there is planning. The blog’s content is fascinating and useful that people gulp down and share, but there is an element of planning. A content planner is a great instrument to plan your existing and upcoming blogs. With an inbuilt system, a content calendar turns your blog from leisure to a professional grade. It will be unmatched fun if your blog runs like a well-oiled machine. There would be a plan, coordination and procedure from scratch to publication of the blog. When that occurs, everything moves seamlessly, and you have ample time to focus on blog writing.

Track and plan

Blog topics are often spread over Google documents, notebooks, and scrap papers. You can write down the blog ideas digitally on one platform rather than haphazardly script on pen and paper. Finding them, arranging and sorting the topics and post will be a click away. A regular calendar or planner would not be sufficient for the work. Instead of spreading your blog ideas and articles or scribbling on a calendar holding your life and blog schedule use a separate blog content planner. It is an organized way to keep all blog contents in one space where it is stored and arranged digitally. In a single window, you can track and plan deadlines, graphics, topics, and hyperlinks.

Able to plan a month’s content is an achievement. You can see what you are going to publish for the approaching month. It lets you rectify minor mistakes or later alter them, adding micro subjects in the content to make it more immersive. For instance, if you are a food blogger, you may see an overemphasis on dessert recipes ignoring main course cuisine. The planner helps you balance the blog content and makes it more pertinent and consistent. There are parameters in the content planner specifically designed to create, manage and collaborate. Depending on blog publishing and team strength, you may invest in content calendar software.